Hemi-Sync CDs

CirCulation 生氣
De-Tox:Body De-Hab
Lungs:Repairs & Maintenance Guide to serenity
Restorative Sleep Let-Go
Lungs:Repairs & Maintenance Relax
Resonant Tuning 改變行為模式
(addictive behavior/
Restorative Sleep Deep 10 Relaxation
Immune System
Immunizing Eat/No Eat
Positive Immunity Program Eight-Great
Learning and Memory
Attention Energy Walk
Baroque Garden Let-Go
Buy the Numbers Mobius West
Concentration Morning Exercise
Einstein's Dream Off-Loading
Imprint Opening the Heart
Surf Relax
Remembrance Resonant Tuning
Recall Speak Up
PAL Student Package Surf
PAL Executive Package 體重管理與運動
Fitness and Sports
Relax De-Discomfort
Retain-Recall-Release Heart:Repairs & Maintenance
Think Fast Lungs:Repairs & Maintenance
On Becoming a Lifelong Learner Synchronizing
Attention Deficit Disorder(Hyperactivity)
Baroque Garden 血壓Blood Pressure Tune-up
Concentration Circulation
Einstein's Dream Heart:Repairs & Maintenance
Surf Hypertension
Remembrance Restorative Sleep
Soft and Still 死亡與瀕死
Death and Dying
Going Home
Expanded Awareness
Cable Car Ride Gateway Experience
Ecstatic Going Home
Energy Walk Moment of Revelation
Recharge Opening the Heart
Reset Options
Resonant Tuning Sweet Dreams
Financial Success
Buy the Numbers Transcendence
De-Hab The Visit
Eight-Great 降低挫折
Imprint Buy the Numbers
Let-Go Let-Go
Mobius West Recall
Morning Exercise Reset
Off-Loading Sex Drive
General Wellness
Brain:Repair & Maintenance 冥想與心靈成長
Meditation and Spiritual Development
De-Tox:Body Gateway Experience
Energy Walk Going Home
Hypertension Moment of Revelation
Immunizing Opening the Heart
Nutricia Transcendence
Pain Control The Visit
PMS 雜項
The Way of Hemi-Sync
Positive Immunity Program 疼痛管理
Pain Management
Brain:Repairs & Maintenance
Restorative Sleep De-Discomfort
Surf Energy Walk
Tune-Up Pain Control
Personal Growth
Contemplation PMS
De-Hab Surgical Support Series
Mobius West





  1. Human Plus - Contains verbal guidance and cues allowing you to re-create the desired effect as needed.

    ATTENTlON Improve performance and productivity by maintaining your focus anywhere,anytime. Learn a simple method to create an intensely concentrated brain-wave state whenever you wish. Use at home,work, meetings,or school to block out distractions,comprehend better, remember study materials,stay on track,and get more done in less time.(Tape)

    BRAlN:REPAIRS & MAINTENANCE Facilitate normal brain function with this simple method to influence brain-wave activity.Helps with headaches by regulating blood supply to the brain;sharpens mental performance;normalizes chemical/electrical brain activity;improves processig of sensory signals.While the mind/body connection can enhance your condition,this is not a substitute for medical diagnosis and treatment.(Tape)

    BUY THE NUMBERS Increase ease and proficiency with numbers,and end math phobia.Use the simple method anytime,anywhere,for improved homework and exam results,greater accuracy,speed,and ability to remember numbers.Use for paying bills,balancing checkbooks,figuring taxes,and overcoming discouragement about math and statistics.(Tape)

    CIRCULATION Learn to strengthen the mind/body connection to improve your circulatory system.Use the simple method regularly for general maintenance and problem-prevention,and even more frequently when a paritcular need is apparent.While the mind/body connection can enhance your condition,this is not a substitute for medical diagnosis and treatment.(Tape)

    CONTEMPLATION Learn the ability to access all levels of consciousness while remaining mentally active and alert.Use the simple method anywhere,anytime,for intuitive guidance,enhanced creativity,and fresh perspectives.Let all parts of yoursef participate in providing insight for important decisions.(Tape)

    DE-DISCOMFORT Learn to reduce your perception of physical discomfort.Use the simple method anywhere,anytime,to "lower the volume" of pain signals sent by the nervous system to your brain.(tape)



  2. Mind Food - Experience and benefit while listening. Non-verbal contains no verbal guidance. Verbal contains verbal guidance.

    CABLE CAR RIDE Lilting,upbeat rhythms help you start the day in a positive mood and lift your spirits anytime.As background for exercise,housework,and other chores,it provides an infusion of cheerful energy.Surround yourself with these happy sounds and enjoy the vitalizing effect.(Non-verbal) (Tape)

    CATANAPPER CATNAPPER Receive the refreshing benefits of a deeply rstorative,thoroughly restful nap in oniy 3O minutes.It's invaluable for a mid-day boost,re-energizing for the evening after a tiring day,study breaks,making up for lost sleep,and countering jet lag.Count on sure-fire help in coping with irregular schedules,shift work,and high pressure.(Verbal)(Tape/CD)

    CONCENTRATION Maximize your mental performance.while listening,achieve and sustain a laser-like,highly alert,whole-brain state that blocks distractions and keeps you focused.Proven effective as background for study or any task that requires active attention.Has been reported to be helpful for Attention Deficit Disorder and other learning disabilities.(Non-verbal)(Tape/CD)

    MORNING EXERCISE MORNING EXERCISE Enjoy noticeably greater satisfaction,accomplishment,and success day by day.This empowering exercise gently guides you to make of the upcoming day whatever you choose by using the power of whole-brain consciousness.Regular use can be life-transforming. (Verbal) (Tape/CD)

    SOFT AND STILL Drift gently with the calming,natural energy of the tides.The rhythm of the surf and the evocative music drain away all tension and care,opening you to creative reflection,meditation,and contemplation. (Non-verbal) (Tape)

    RESONANT TUNING Guides you through an invigorating vocal exercise to charge and direct the vibrational energy throughout your entire system while it quiets an over-active,restless mind. As you follow the minimal instructions,you can sense variations in resonance,vibration,and the health-renewing influences on all parts of your body. (Minimal verbal guidance) (Tape)



  3. Metamusic
    Metamusic is more than music. The Hemi-Sync embedded on Metamusic tapes and CDs is a blend of frequency patterns to facilitate your listening experience. Many titles include significant elements of Alpha, Delta, and Theta frequencies to slow down mental activity and facilitate reverie and refection,enhance and deepen meditation, expand awareness,and open doors to levels of consciousness not generally accessible. In other titles,Beta frequencies predominate to enhance focus and concentration. The music on these tapes/CDs is designed to deepen Hemi-Sync's effect by evoking moods that support contemplative brain-wave states.

    Musical Hemi-Sync tapes/CDs can be used in two ways:simply relax listen,and enjoy the experiences that unfold,or play the selection as a soothing background while carrying out another activity (but NOT while driving or using heavy machinery). Either way, be prepared for an experiential treat.

    METAMUSIC SAMPLER Provides a brief taste of the musical style of each Metamusic recording.Listening to a few moments of each composition helps you select the title that best satisfies your personal music preferences. (Tape)

    BAROQUE GARDEN BAROQUE GARDEN for Concentration The Archangelos Chamber Ensemble brings you well-loved themes from compositions that earned the name "smart music." The elegant sonorities and stately rhythms of Bach, Vivaldi and others provide ideal background for peak mental performance in class,home or workplace.Produced by Richard Lawrence and Joshua Leeds. (Tape/CD)

    CLOUDSCAPES CLOUDSCAPES Rise with 1ighter-than-air music through fascinating dimensions of higher consciousness. Inspired by Institute founder Robert Monroe's love of glider piloting, Ray Dretsky carries you above majestic clouds in a free-floating interlude for imagination and meditation. Enjoy sensuous strings and stereo-imaging. (Tape/CD)

    CONVERSE Drift peacefully to that perfect,peaceful place of balance,joining your intuitive and intellectual selves in harmony.Brass,winds and harpsichord help you access a unified realm of unlimited possibility in this favorite for relaxation and intuition.Developed in collaboration with Robert A. Monroe and Alan Phillips. (Tape)

    DAYBREAK Experience subtle transformation from one state to another.Ray Dretsky's rich,classical orchestration with woodwinds,strings,horns, and piano celebrates a time as rich with possibility as the sacred moment of the sun's rebirth. (Tape)

    DOWNSTREAM Drift serenely with the gentle flow of a tranquil river.Soft horns,harp,and chimes support your peaceful,meditative resonance with nature. Enjoy the passing scenes as you approach and then move on, carried by the quiet water to new destinations of the heart. Developed in collaboration with Robert A. Monroe and Alan Phillips. (Tape)

    DREAMER'S JOURNEY DREAMER'S JOURNEY This deeply restful composition by Bob Volkman takes you on a tranquil voyage through hidden realms of consciousness. Piano and flute blend with subtle sound effects to engage you in illuminative, dream-like experiences of exploration. Allow yourself to journey back and forward through time,and to discover new dimensions of awareness as you enjoy profound relaxation and peace. (Tape/CD)

    ECSTATIC Wooden percussion instruments bring dynamic vitality to this unusual creation by Steve MacLean. Energize your entire being with upbeat musical motivation for any mental or physical action. The predominance of frequencies in the Beta range stimulates alertness, awareness, and productive activity while other elements in the complex Hemi-Sync pattern open you to creative expression. (Tape/CD)

    EINSTEIN'S DREAM EINSTEIN'S DREAM The scientifically documented correlation between music that evokes relaxation and heightens abilities is commonly referred to as the "Mozart Effect." You can now enjoy a brilliant interpretation of Einstein's favorite music combined with the remarkable brain-synchronizing capabilities of Hemi-Sync. It's the perfect way to achieve a whole-brain state for superior mental performance at home, work and classroom. Allow the music of Mozart,as performed by J.S. Epperson,to fade into the background as it enhances your mind's capacity and stimulates creativity. (Tape/CD)

    FRIENDS Encounter those who know and love you on this musical voyage along the interstate of universal consciousness. Soft organ and light electronic sounds artfully blend with evocative human voices to support a peaceful,expansive state of mind and spirit. Developed in collaboration with Robert A. Monroe and Alan Phillips. (Tape)

    GAIA GAIA A soothing, inspiring musical portrayal of the Native American mythic hero who restores abundance by bringing forth the second summer rains. Deeply relaxing flute and guitar blend exquisitely with sounds of water in a soul-filled composition by Richard Roberts that stimulates imagination and creativity.(Tape/CD)

    HIGHER HIGHER Ascend to new levels of awareness,transported by delicate,ethereal,textured synthesizer. Enjoy a deeply peaceful interlude and profound meditative experiences. This entrancing music, by J.S. Epperson,was composed for The Monroe Institute's "Going Home" series of tape exercises designed to help us discover through experience that consciousness exists independently of the physical body. (Tape/CD)

    HOLOMOVEMENT New Age sounds relax you and carry your spirit to greater awareness. Guitar,didgereedoo,strings and synthesizer with a light jazz flavor celebrate the limitless nature of your mind. This haunting score, by Steve MacLean,invokes a sense of shifting space within a whole for your contemplation and meditation experience. (Tape/CD)

    IMPRESSION OF SOLITUDE Your whole being resonates to the beauty and power of this deeply sensory listening experience. A masterful orchestral arrangement,by Henrich Lesko,featuring piano and flute,expresses joyous anticipation and evokes creativity with the drama of a truly innovative musical form. (Tape)

    INNER JOURNEY INNER JOURNEY Deeply relaxing,subtle,melodic flow with ethereal synthesizer is an empty canvas awaiting your own images. Perfect for inner exploration, creativity,and a light meditative state. Use it for releasing stress and giving free reign to your imagination. Composed by Micah Sadigh, PhD., Inner Journey is a wonderfully non-intrusive accompaniment for contemplation and a stimulus for creative thinking. (Tape/CD)

    INTO THE DEEP The gently rolling tides support a profoundly restful,meditative respite from daily concerns. Delicately textured electronic music ebbs and flows,blends with the ocean's majestic rhythm,and carries you into the deep on an illuminating vision quest. Composed by Mathew Sigmon and Julie Anderson. (Tape)

    MASTERWORKS MASTERWORKS Enjoy the bliss of profoundly peaceful,transcendent relaxation. The Archangelos Chamber Ensemble performs timeless musical gems that speak to your soul with an acoustic musical vocabulary of calm and serenity. Produced by Richard Lawrence and Joshua Leeds. (Tape/CD)

    MIDNIGHT All things are possible during the magical moment that divides today from tomorrow. In a brilliant performance by Michael Elswick,saxophone and synthesizer provide a richly sensory,light jazz accompaniment for relaxation as you contemplate where you have been and where you wish to go. (Tape)

    MIDSUMMER NIGHT Sink gently into woodland dreams and enjoy transcendent relaxation. Gentle rain and crickets blend with bells,strings and classical guitar that echo in the still center of your soul. Peaceful impressions of natural beauty enhance the slowing down of mental chatter,releasing stress and stimulating imagination. Developed in collaboration with Robert A. Monroe and Alan Phillips. (Tape/CD)

    REMEMBRANCE REMEMBRANCE Perform your best at any mental task. Use at home,work or school while studying,reading,writing,keyboarding,paying bells,problem-solving,creating,or engaging in any task that requires clarity and brain power. The electronic music was specially composed by J.S. Epperson to reinforce the effect of the powerful Hemi-Sync sound patterns. Reported to be helpful for Attention Deficit Disorder,hyperactivity,sensory integration,peak performance,boosting energy,lifting mood,and extended mental effort. (Tape/CD)

<font size=3 color=purple>SLEEPING THROUGH THE RAIN</font>
Delicate,subtle,melodic shifts ebb and flow across the border between wakefulness and sleep. Gentle rainfall helps ease you first into a state of deep relaxation and then into natural,refreshing sleep. Composed by Matthew Sigmon and Julie Anderson. (Tape/CD)

<font size=3 color=purple>TRANSFORMATION</font>
A perfect vehicle for transpersonal growth, this moving composition by Micah Sadigh,PhD,uses synthesized,ethereal sound to lead you into profound,integrative states of consciousness. The whole-brain response to your intention adds impact to this magical listening experience. (Tape/CD)

<font size=3 color=purple>THE VISITATION</font>
A serene,other-worldly score with table drums and synthesizer. Its Eastern-influenced,New Age flavor transports you gently into a deeply meditative,profoundly relaxed state. Micah Sadigh,PhD,musically portrays an encounter with a compassionate non-physical friend. This composition can be a valuable stimulus for spiritual growth. (Tape/CD)

<img src= WINDS OVER THE WORLD Aboriginal flutes speak directly to the heart as you How with this graceful expression of the spirit of life. Richard Roberts' evocative musical imagery supports relaxation, meditation, and creativity. This haunting composition,inspired by the primitive perception that breath means life,encourages your connection with the true essence of life's meaning. (Tape/CD)








GOING HOME (two 6-tape albums)

Elisabeth Kubler-Ross,MD,world-famous authority on death and dying,and Charles Tart,PhD,renowned researcher of altered states of consciousness,collaborated with Robert Monroe to create this unparalleled opportunity for personal growth and expanded awareness. The exercises carry you far along the continuum of consciousness to experience independence from the physical body. These rewarding journeys of discovery help you to know that death need not be feared and to resolve unfinished business so you can live more fully in the moment. Especially valuable for anyone with a life-threatening condition and for caregivers of the terminally ill. Exercise titles are: (Subject) Mind Awake/Body Asleep,Flying Free,Remove and Release,Edge of Here and Now,Touring Interstate,Moment of Revelation, Right of Passage,Homecoming,Freedom Flight,Return to Revelation,Relocation Theme; (Support) Going Home Leaders,Hemi-Sync Technology,Mind Awake/Body Asleep,Flying Free,Remove and Release,Edge of Here and Now/Touring Interstate,Moment of Revelation,Messages In 21,Recharge and Regenerate,Restorative Sleep.


OPENING THE HEART (2tape/4 exercises)

Love yourself and others. enrich your life and advance your spiritual growth. These soul-fulfilling exercises enhance relationships and release blocks that limit ability to love. Based on Heartline,a Monroe Institute residential program,the inspired experiential course helps enable you to deepen your emotional connections and open yourself to love. Exercise titles are: Centered Calm,Remembering Love, Love's Power to Heal,and Opening to Love. Guidance Manual included.
(2捲錄音帶 or 4片CD)





Gateway Experience 靈魂出體課程

For all who wonder what may lie beyond this physical reality...
For all who seek to discover truth for themselves...
For all who feel ready to pass through the Gateway...

Robert Monroe created Gateway Experience for you. This remarkable,life-enhancing, 36-exercise audio course takes you on a carefully designed,step-by-step journey that expands consciousness beyond the limits of physical experience. Drawing on his own well-documented journeys to other dimensions,Robert Monroe helps you feel comfortable,secure,and in control as you learn to explore non-physical realms of consciousness.

What can you expect from the Gateway Experience?

“As much or as little as you put into it. Some discover themselves and thus live more completely, more constructively. Others reach levels of awareness so profound that one such experience is enough for a lifetime. Still others become seekers-after-truth and add an on-going adventure to their daily activity.” ∼ Robert A. Monroe

Gateway Experience is structured for sequential use,each exercise bui1ding on previous ones. You may purchase the entire series at once, or one wave (six exercises) at a time,in sequence. WavesⅠto Ⅳ combine Hemi-Sync and verbal guidance. Waves V and Ⅵ combine Hemi-Sync with music to support your self-directed experiences.

These six exercises lay the foundation for easy entry into profoundly relaxed levels of consciousness. Hemi-Sync and gentle guidance support your introduction to mental tools that assist your explorations. You experience Focus 10,a state in which your mind remains alert and awake while your body,detached from physical sensory input,is calmly and comfortably at rest. You learn to generate a high energy state within and around you;to release self-imposed limits and fears;to use sleep as a natural gateway into other states of consciousness. Wave Ⅰ ends with your creative experimentation using the processes learned thus far.

  • Orientation - introduction and Focus 3
  • Intro Focus 10 - establish the state of mind awake/body asleep
  • Advanced Focus 10 - expand perception and learn greater control of personal energy
  • Release and Recharge - detach from old fears and negative emotions
  • Exploration, Sleep - techniques for expanding and exploring while asleep
  • Focus 10 Free Flow – experiment with all tools learned in wave Ⅰ
(6 Tapes or 3 CDs)

Your continuing adventure takes you to Focus 12,an empowering state of expanded awareness in which you become more aware of inner resources. You learn to use Focus 12 energy for problem-solving,self-programming,and directing energy for healing and exploring.

  • Intro Focus 12 - establish the higher energy state of expanded awareness
  • Problem solving - receive creative solutions to your questions
  • One Month Patterning - reshape your life in desired directions
  • Color Breathing - link mind and body to energize and support healing
  • Energy Bar Too - direct your nonphysical energies
  • Living Body Map – balance and strengthen the physical self
(6 Tapes or 3 CDs)

You are now ready for fascinating experimentation in directing non-physical consciousness calmly and comfortably,adding new mental tools to those already mastered. Learn to access desired information,and to project your awareness to distant places with control and confidence.

  • Lift Off - achieve ease with nonphysical experience
  • Remote Viewing - tools for distant perception
  • Vectors - reference points for easy movement
  • Five Questions - answers from your total self
  • Energy Food - absorb nonphysical energy
  • First Stage Separation – explore nonphysical consciousness
(6 Tapes or 3 CDs)

The last verbally guided Wave teaches methods for influencing your personal development in this reality,for venturing farther into other dimensions,and for sending and receiving information across the boundaries between realities. All your Gateway Experience tools support these enriching and illuminating adventures.

  • One Year Patterning - for designing your desired future
  • Five Messages - gain insight into your total self
  • Free Flow 12 - an unparalleled background for personal exploration
  • NVC Ⅰ- non-verbal communication, the language of intuitive thought
  • NVC Ⅱ- broaden perception in all states of your being
  • Compoint 12 - establish a reference point for communication with higher consciousness
(6 Tapes or 3 CDs)

When you reach Waves V and Ⅵ, you no longer need verbal “training wheels.” You are well prepared to pursue your own goals and self-directed adventures of personal discovery, supported by Hemi-Sync sound frequencies and evocative Metamusic. Guidance Manuals offer suggestions for the inner and other-dimensional journeys you may wish to experience.

No more verbal “training wheels.” Pursue your own goals by creating experiences under your own mental direction.

  • Mission 10 - expand Focus 10 possibilities
  • Mission 12 - expand Focus 12 possibilities
  • Mission Day - make the most of your day
  • Mission Night - expand sleeping possibilities
  • Horizons - look inward b memories, feelings
  • Pathways - open unexplored places within you
(6 Tapes or 3 CDs)


Leads you further into non-verbal communication, and supports your discovery of the treasures of time and space.

  • Metamorphosite - hunt your gems of change
  • Bio-Body - exp1ore treasures of the physical
  • Null Point - unearth the “mine of your mind”
  • Plus Polarity - move through the null point to the opposite polarity
  • Near Reaches - discoveries in time and space
  • Far Reaches - dig deep; soar high
(6 Tapes or 3 CDs)







什麼是腦波 第七腦 什麼是雙腦同步 腦波研究報告 雙腦同步共振帶 腦波意識評量師











腦波測量 幼學童腦波評量 腦波潛能評量 腦波記憶 修行腦波測量 企管人腦波 光子密碼 風水光子密碼 易經占卜 能量水晶 能量寶石 腦波